General Design & Architectural Design

Customer-oriented and tailor-made integrated design services

Accurately control of the overall direction and create high-quality

J&A’s wholly-owned subsidiary, JATO Design International Limited, is a young and international architecture and interior design company that can involve in the phase of developer's planned investment, To meet the developer's vision, based on the surrounding conditions of the development site and culture, JATO provides overall planning and design services. At the same time, JATO can also provide follow-up services of construction and interior design  and prioritize the most sustainable and flexible implementation solutions to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. The success of the JATO projects is attributable  to  positive communication and efficient management system. Through the clear vision of the developer, the skilled technical support of local experts and the extensive experience of JATO international large-scale projects, we can accurately control the overall direction and jointly create a stable design plan. Based on J&A resources in mainland China, we have two-way communication and provide follow-up services for different technical projects to jointly creating high-quality and high-efficiency projects for customers.

Service area:business, office, hotel, real estate, medical care, public buildings, education, tourism and rail transportation