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J&A commits itself to design city complex

Mini-city——Commercial complex design

Choose a place to settle down——health care complex design

The light of the city——education complex design

Station-city integration——rail transport complex design

  • Mini-city——Commercial complex design

    As the behavioral space where people do daily activities most often, the commercial complex is like a “mini-city”, which records the real life trajectory of food, clothing, housing, transportation of people to provide different people a lifestyle that meets their needs . How to make people from all corners of the world willing to stay at this "mini-city" and make their business value greater? In the new era, new demands inspires new changes. As an experience-based living center in the city, it is only be a gathering place as “city card” and “urban landmarks”, but also a new carrier that stimulates economic growth and enhances urban competitiveness. Here, people enjoy more than just supply of commodities and services, but also have their experience and feeling.

  • Choose a place to settle down——health care complex design

    The data shows that in the past decade, China's population aged 65 and over has increased year by year, and the demographic dividend has gradually disappeared. This means that the peak of population aging is coming, and the cost of health care is rising, which brings many challenges to society. As the population ages, “the senior can be properly taken care” has become a common topic in society. However, “nursing home does not provide treatment and hospital does not provide elderly care”. The demand for health care services for the elderly is growing, and the limited health care and elderly care services together with the independent service system are far from meeting the needs of the aging population. Huge demand of medical pensions is bound to push the development of the industry of"integration of health care and elderly care" . Based on the "integration of health care and elderly care" of the elderly care model, the urban nursing home design is not simply building the functions of the hospital and the nursing home, but also integrating humanistic care and emotional experience to meet the needs of the senior,rooting them in every detail.Based on the trend of caring the senior, the space for integration of health care and elderly care can physically and psychologically satisfy the senior to let them feel the warmth of the city.

  • The light of the city——education complex design

    Some people say that a city with no civilization is even bustling but just a wasteland. In the history of mankind, the rise of the city is often the prosperity of culture and art, science and education. Without culture, a city has no soul; without art, there is no innovation in development.
    In the city, the places most deeply influenced by education are education complex. In art venues, people are edified by beauty and enrich their inner self by culture and art. In schools and educational institutions, people learn a variety of knowledge and philosophy of life, and thus cultivate a noble personality.It is precisely because of the existence of the urban education complex that human civilization is constantly developing, and the culture of the city is sprouting and growing. In the history of mankind, human beings may still be in the darkness of obscurity without education and inspiration from these art and education venues.From this perspective, it is not an exaggeration to call education complex a light of the city. Therefore, in the process of urban development, people need more better education complex, which not only have complete architectural and spatial functions, more importantly,but also have the potential to be a spiritual home to let people feel the glory of human civilization and enlightened by the truth and thus to be a qualified citizen. Therefore, it is an important responsibility of the designer to create more excellent education complex for the city and let the light come into future.

  • Station-city integration——rail transport complex design

    Due to development of urban , population aggregation , and shortage of land, people begin to worry about the shortage of urban resources, and hope to maximize the use of resources during the process of development and explore a more distinctive and efficient way to construct their city.When it comes to rail transit,“Station-City Integrated Development”gives full play to the role of station space for urban sustainable development in consideration of station space and development and construction of urban as a transportation node, integrates urban public space, effectively utilizes urban space organization and builds steric,multi-dimensional and symbiotic urban transportation artery to create a high-value urban ecology. Under the new trend of “station-city integration”, the integrated design of rail transport space art is better in line with the urban growth demand. By integrating architecture as the main body, decoration, landscape, culture and art, through the perfect combination of space and artistic creativity, the unique style of the city is displayed and the overall harmonious and unitive station-city effect is achieved.