Design Helps Commercial Real Estate Achieve Value-Added|9.20 Meet in Kunming【Toutiao Report】

Article reprinted from "Today's Headlines", "Sina Real Estate".

We really appreciate your attention to the "Future City" design salon.



In the era of consumption upgrade, what is the way to break the situation?


Economic development and technological innovation continue to promote the upgrading of social consumption, but domestic businesses still face the problem of a huge Stock Market and serious homogenization, and phenomenal benchmark commercial projects are scarce.

In the context of the new era of consumption upgrading, how to improve the efficiency of commercial centers? How to reverse the problem of promoting low conversion rates? How to differentiate in the market competition to achieve brand breakthrough?

The reconsideration and interpretation of consumer demands in the new era, and the search for a new positioning for commercial brands, are urgent for commercial real estate developers. In the past, the traditional retail concept was always pursuing high cost performance (price demand), complete product functions (practical demand), durability and convenience (performance demand).


However, in today's era of the Internet of Everything, new business has put forward higher requirements for the innovative linkage of "people, goods, and markets." Consumers are eager to complete in a scene space that can trigger cultural identity, create social value, and enjoy service experience. The consumption of goods or services. It is no exaggeration to say that in the future, consumers' demands for shopping scenarios will exceed the demands of the products themselves.


The rise of the new generation market, how to increase customer stickiness?


Are the mainstream consumer markets post-80s and 90s and future potential markets after 00s, are we really ready to meet them? With the increasing maturity of Internet consumption, how should the physical business attract the attention of the new generation of Chinese people and increase customer stickiness?


High value

Frequent online social interactions, the new generation of groups pay more attention to the topicality, personality and artistic sense of their daily activities.

On the one hand, it is the aesthetic identity of the scene design based on their own preferences; on the other hand, high-value activity scenes will create more social values ​​for them, such as invitations to appointments, exchanges and interaction, event viewing and so on.


Light life

For the new generation, consumption is not only about shopping, but also a new way of life and a way of life, a desire for a relaxed, free and comfortable life.

According to the survey, the post-80s and 90s go to the shopping mall at least once or twice a month, and only the comprehensive business eco-shopping mall that can satisfy their longing for "light living" is their first choice.


Fun fashion

No one can refuse fun and fashion. The reason why the new generation of people abandon online shopping and choose offline consumption is based on their demand for offline scene consumption experience.

Whether it is the introduction of the visual impact of fashion tide brand, or the cool technology to satisfy the novelty, as well as the fun activity experience brought about by star interaction, can bring them the spiritual satisfaction before consumption.


Looking forward

New design leads future business ecology


● What will the commercial shopping malls look like in the future?

● What will the future commercial office design be?

● What will be the future medical care space?



The human pursuit of large-scale urban construction has created the development and progress of today's cities. The design is like the inner soul of a commercial building, or a brand logo. It is deeply imprinted in the consumer's subconscious with its unique image.

We may not remember what goods were consumed here, but we will surely remember the impressive art experience space. What exciting designs will the cities of the future present? Maybe here, I will give you an answer!


World's No. 3 J&A Airborne Kunming!

In 2019, the authoritative magazine "Interior Design" ranked 25th in the global design giants ranking, the third in commercial design in the world, the first in Asia is a company from China, and it is also the first city in China to enter the A-share market Complex interior design company—J&A Design.

After 20 years of hard work, J&A's designs have covered nearly a hundred cities across the country, creating many leading and landmark classic projects, and also won a number of domestic and foreign design awards.

Kunming's urban development in recent years is also indispensable with the help of J&A's design. Key projects such as Kunming Plaza, Kunming Cloud Investment Group Headquarters,Fudian Bank Headquarters (under construction), and Kunming Dianchi International Health City (under construction) are all important projects. Designed by J&A, it has added a new creative color to the city of Kunming.

On September 20th, a series of national design salon activities organized by J&A Design and Kunming Building Economy Promotion Association— 【Future City | Kunming Station】is coming. This is a TED in the design industry. With the brainstorming industry event in the "real estate industry", designers will work with real estate elites to paint a blueprint of future urban evolution trends and help urban complex design stations reach the peak of the times!

Design Helps Commercial Real Estate Achieve Value-Added|9.20 Meet in Kunming【Toutiao Report】

【Future City·Design Salon】 Since its first departure in 2018, it has been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities, attracting great attention from the industry and outside, and the topics discussed continue to ferment, causing widespread discussion in the society And argument.

The previous events also attracted the attention and reports of nearly 30 first-line media. Online live streaming watched and shared more than 400,000 people, and received praise and support from more than 80 first-line real estate developers. What kind of fate will this city have with Kunming for the first time this year? We wait and see!